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Sample campaigns

Sample Campaigns & Testimonials 

Providing the best assistance

"Working with multiple businesses, it was pleasure to have the opportunity to come across Marketing 506c.  They have high concerns for their customers, and are extremely responsive to customer needs."

"I couldn’t expect more from the results of Marketing 506c.  Conducting their work in a very professional manner, while being transparent, our company highly values their input and marketing capabilities."

"Marketing 506c is great at promoting start-up businesses and entrepreneurs. They combined their marketing and financial skills to put together an excellent list of 100,000 plus accredited investors, which for a low price I had the access to."


"With the new JOBS Act, Marketing 506c has excelled in exposing our business to 100,000 wealthiest investors in order to raise capital.  Having the opportunity to be directly connected to these investors, gives our business a lot of room to grow."


"Marketing 506c has demonstrated tremendous knowledge in raising capital through general solicitation, and strategic marketing skills.  Thanks to their services, I was able to reach out to thousands of potential investors to gain capital."​

"Knowing Ross for the past 10, I can precisely say that he is one of the most driven, diligent, passionate people I have ever come across.  Always focusing on customer service and satisfaction, he is well liked by many people that had the chance to work with him, as myself."

"Our team members, as well as myself have all enjoyed doing business with Marketing 506c.  We all appreciate your service and the time you have invested with us in order to expand our capital." 

"Starting off our business was at a difficult stage; until we came across Marketing 506c, who has access to an exponential amount of wealthy investors, at a low rate.  With their help and service, our business is now up and growing."

These represent a sampling of our promotional campaigns designed for Clients: